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Delton Childs

Smoke Shop Blogger at Head Shop Hero
Delton Childs smoke shop enthusiast and product reviewer. D loves talking with friends about new products and innovations in the smoke shop industry as well as hanging out with his schnauzer Einstein at the park. Be sure to give him a shout on your favorite social network.

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Headshop Hero is proud to announce our official partnership & epic team up KUSHhost. Many of you may have noticed our support of KushHost during the past few months because they’re a hosting company that’s sympathetic to the needs of businesses in our industry.

So What Does This Do For You?

Purchase Your Domain NameAll too often we see companies like Facebook & Twitter reject our ad placement requests.  Many of you might have been refused service on some level due to the sometimes unfair stereo typing of tobacco, vape and cannabis products within our industry. KushHost is an website hosting company that understands this industry is packed with cautious and competitive retailers with business goals similar to any other industry. That being said they also boast the power and flexibility in options at the same prices as the big guys.

You can easily search & claim your new .COM at KushHost and as part of our team up Domain Name Purchases made through KushHost will be accessible for hosting by Head Shop Hero staff for quick setup of your new Head Shop Hero ProSite making our Turnkey Hosting that much more easy to manage saving you more time & making your business easier to manage online.

Email Hosting for Your BusinessBesides having enterprise level hosting with your knowledge that the KushHost platform capabilities extend are far beyond the needs of what most smoke shops need, like full Enterprise level Managed Private Servers, Virtual Private Servers & much much more, one of the things we like most about KushHost is their business class email hosting, that means some of you can finally say goodby to using your Gmail, Yahoo & dare I say it… AOL email addresses for your businesses needs.

Start setting up your new business email here!

We look forward to bringing you more powerful integrations in the future!

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