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Delton Childs

Smoke Shop Blogger at Head Shop Hero
Delton Childs smoke shop enthusiast and product reviewer. D loves talking with friends about new products and innovations in the smoke shop industry as well as hanging out with his schnauzer Einstein at the park. Be sure to give him a shout on your favorite social network.

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The HeadShop Hero Pro-site beta project has been a dream come true for our team. We’ve been able to streamline site creation and update process across all sites making Head Shop Hero websites more secure & less vulnerable to malicious attacks that many smoke & vape shops find them selves victim to.

Top 3 Reasons Pro-Sites The Best Solution For Your Web Presence?

It’s Managed, No Hosting Pay For Or To Keep Up With

In the end, the time & money you save is off the hook.  It’s not all about the actual cost of HAVING a reliable server that a problem for most businesses.  It’s the cost of administrating & maintaining a reliable hosting environment for your website.   While hosting isn’t a big problem that most businesses face it does represent an additional expense.  Depending on the size of your site it can become difficult to make educated decisions about upgrades.  Hosting is a rather cheep complexity that requires skilled management.  While hosting companies will “claim” they have an optimized Usually this is your webmaster or whoever is tasked administrating your sites hosting environment.

Head shop Hero completely eliminates this and sets you up and an optimized and professionally managed hosting situation with your own custom domain name.  You NO LONGER have the additional overhead of hosting added to your business expenses in addition to paying for administration of your website or if you operate custom mail servers this cost is greatly reduced.


Development Support, It’s The Best

Direct Dashboard Support by Headshop HeroWhile the day to day task of making basic updates and posts to your website is simple enough many changes that seem basic at first quickly become time consuming and end up being beyond the scope of what can be reasonably done in the limited time most business owners have.  Not only can our staff make small stylistic changes but we can accomplish more advanced customizations.  We have more than one way to get support too be we actually recommend this as a first step once you get your site set up.  You’re free to go ahead and start to get things configured yourself, poke around and create your website all on your own.  We have some very streamlined tools in our pockets though, so if you make contacting support a first step you’re get things done in a snap.

Submit Your Support Ticket Directly From The Dashboard

Submit Your Support Ticket Directly From The Dashboard

You can submit a support ticket directly from the back end of your website.

Graphic Production Support

The top two tiers of the Headshop Hero Pro Sites Hosting get graphic production support… nuff said.  Have you ever visited a website where all the graphics are kind wonky and nothing quite fits together? We completely eliminate that problem.    The top tier of the ProSites Hierarchy is pretty much equivalent to “Apple Care”… you know how if you screw up your phone they’ll fix it at apple… we take care of you like that.


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