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to have the #1 Ranking Smoke Shop in every market we service.  That Top Spot Belongs To Head Shop Hero. 

The Proof Is In The Pudding

Supernova Smoke Shop Ranks #1 In Search Engines In The 7th Largest City In The U.S.  because they teamed up with Head Shop Hero.

Thier new site is a masterpeice, customers love it and so does the whole staff at Supernova Smoke Shop.

The New Website  

Check Out How We Built This Top Ranking Website

Check Out Pricing

Packages start at only $100 per month!  That’s like an employee that works 24/7 all month long to get more sales… for only one hundred bucks! 

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A Growing Industry

Expected to grow 64% by next year.  Now is the time to pull ahead.

Attract New Customers

Gain a greater share of the total market in your geographic area.

Establish Loyalty

Keep existing customers purchasing from you by crafting your brand identity online.


This Is Their Old Website – Boo

Yep, your typical smoke shop website.  Before they became #1 in San Antonio they were in ruins online.  It looked horrible and you couldn’t find it in the search engines to save your life.  We can take your smoke shop website & all the hard work you’ve done on it and translate that into a modern & beautiful new mobile friendly website.  

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