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Delton Childs smoke shop enthusiast and product reviewer. D loves talking with friends about new products and innovations in the smoke shop industry as well as hanging out with his schnauzer Einstein at the park. Be sure to give him a shout on your favorite social network.

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We’re about to embark upon a nobel journey.  Weather you rank #1 in the search engines or not, it’s important to know exactly what that means for your business and the benefits waging that battle yields for your smoke shop or dispensary.  Over years of battle, website development, marketing and research we’ve seen the difference top ranking websites can make for businesses and it’s an enormous difference.  Ranking of the first page can mean the difference between a couple hundred or handful of website visitors and THOUSANDS of website visitors, a virtual smoke shop kingdom.  Yes, it does depend of the size of your market but those are generally the results that having a top ranking website yields for clients.   If you’ve already got a top ranking website and you’re just sitting on it, you’re doing your business a huge disservice because people are already finding out about you, it’s just up you to engage your visitors with a beautiful website and compelling content.  There’s a lot of ground to cover here so let’s get started.



If you don’t have a top ranking website, and I’m talking about consistently appearing as one of the top 3 sties in search, you need to step up your game.  We like to take the top three spots, which are the ones that generate the most traffic for clients and you’ll see flip flop around most because of stiff competition in competitive markets, especially the one and two spots you’ll see flip flop with each other in ranking.

Searching For Your Business

You’ve got to be careful when looking at search results both in how you’re searching and what keyword terms you’re using to gauge that positioning.  One of the strategies I like to use when I’m looking at the ranking of new clients is this:

  1. Open a “Incognito Window” or “Private Browsing Window” and perform your search.
    This helps Google or other search engines take less personal information into account when doing the search.  Google and other search engines are in the business of providing very accurate but also personalized search results for people and will often offer you up what it thinks you’re looking for.  Opening a private browsing window helps ensure less of the that personally relevant into comes out in the end result of your search.
  2. Search General Keyword Phrases not Branded Keyword Phrases.
    Let’s take Head Shop Hero client “Happy Hookah Smoke Shop” for instance.  When i first talked to this client, they weren’t ranking at all and didn’t have a website.  After things get set up and after talking with the client I discovered they were searching for their “rank” by searching their brand name, “happy hookah nola”.  Not a good strategy.  You’re almost guaranteed to get your actual website when you really want to gauge the overall competition in the market.  Search Broadly, with “Smoke Shop [your city name]” or “[Your city name] smoke shop”.  This is a more generalize search and should return more generalized results.

In fact… though search engine research we’ve actually noticed people actually search even more generally than that… hundreds of people in your market are probably typing in something like “Smoke Shops Near Me”  yielding very localized search results!

You might wonder how you can really cash in on those localized search results?  Well… you can make damn sure all your social profiles look top notch.  That especially includes your Google Business profile and you’re google business page.  People are much more likely to land there because of the strong ties google search has with google’s own social network Google+. While google plus isn’t the most popular social network it sure is a powerful data aggregation machine and distribution channel for your business so you’ve got to be sure those profiles look top notch.

The Benefits of Top Ranking

In general… you’re going to see your website traffic triple.  If you’re the top shop… people are just going to find out about you fist and likely click on you first.   In fact… there’s a ton of data to support that statement… it’s not just us talking out our asses over here, check it out:

53% Of Organic Search Goes to First Link

Yep… that’s right… imagine roughly half of all the people in your market who search for smoke shops coming to your site right out of the gate, that’s the difference. While that actual number of site visitors will depend on the total size of your market and is much different from the actual number of people who will actually convert into customers, at the very least it helps you maintain top of mind awareness in your market and gets your brand in front of customers as opposed to the competition.  You can be relatively sure… that boost will be in the thousands of website visitors.

  1. Increased Brand Awareness
  2. Increased Storefront Traffic
  3. Building Your Community of Loyal Customers
  4. Increased Sales (last but not least)

So What, I Already Rank On The First Page With A Poorly Maintained Website

So you are the sleeping giant… we see this all the time and hear potential clients tell us, “Meh… I already rank OK and don’t spend a dime”.

We’re a merry band of warriors.  Have you ever seen The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug?  Ok, I’m a nerd… it doesn’t really matter if you have seen that movie or not.  Smaug was a dragon missing a single scale in his enormous hide… I’m sure you can imagine the end of the story.  The giant beast was brought down by a single arrow shot by a skilled warrior.  With a poorly maintained website… you’re just waiting for a Head Shop Hero to shoot that arrow deep into your hide and take your soaring internet search ranking down… and if Head Shop Hero suddenly maintains your competitions website…  I assure you, we’re out for blood, we don’t play nice and we’re search engine warriors.

You might be thinking… yea right… sure you will.  Guess what… we’ve already done it.  In San Antonio, Texas the first smoke shop I visited as a teen was Planet K Gifts.  They have a poorly maintained website.  Don’t get me wrong… I like Planet K just fine.  It’s a cool shop!  They actually have 5 locations! But they don’t rank #1 in San Antonio, a city they’re considered pioneered the smoke shop industry in.

The top ranking smoke shop is a Head Shop Hero smoke shop… not the longest standing smoke shop, not the smoke shop with the biggest inventory, not the smoke shop with the most locations around town.

Every day thousands of website visitors find out about head shop hero clients first, they click on our links, visit our clients websites and are ultimately converted into customers by our top notch “brand image”.  Brand image matters in a market with competition.  You can put a band aid over that missing scale, that chink in your armor, but the only real solution is to fix it permanently and ensure your impervious to attack.

This sounds kinda mean… but when clients blow us off with the Smaug Excuse… we call every single one of their competitors.  We shoot arrows with a skilled and steady hand which find their mark.  We’re head shop heroes.    

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