Email Marketing for Smoke Shops & Dispensaries

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Email Marketing for Smoke Shops and Dispensaries

You’ll Be Saving The Planet Too!

Ok, you might not think it’s that big a part of saving the planet but you’re wrong. Think of all the flyers and printed marketing materials you see discarded all over the place.

  • Email Marketing reduced paper costs (envelopes, flyers, printing costs)
  • Email delivery is electronic! With physical delivery, there are fuel & time costs
  • Email marketing is more accurate as opposed to outdated printed materials that can go to waste
A lot of wasted advertising dollars could be eliminated with a professionally managed email marketing database allowing you to be sure the dollars you do spend are going to the people who are actually interested in your product or service and not end up in the trash.

Keep Customers Coming Back

Email Marketing is a standard of successful online businesses. We help small to medium sized businesses understand the value and take control of the true power of email marketing to help you deliver value with each message.

Reduce Time and Effort

Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of direct communication with your clients. The average email marking campaign only takes a few hours to create as opposed to designing, printing and distributing traditional printed materials.

Track Superfans

All businesses have superfans and keeping them active is key. Stay in constant contact with your Super Fans, customers or online users with timely updates about your products, services or ideas. Plus tracking engagement is easy so you know how effective your campaigns are.

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Email Marketing for Smoke Shops and Dispensaries

A Look Behind The Scenes

You may have seen our email newsletters that come out regularly. If you haven’t, I encourage you to sign up! What you don’t see is what goes on behind the scenes though.  These are some of the things we can implement for YOUR SMOKE SHOP or DISPENSARY!

Conversion Tracking

We can carefully track who opens, who clicks, and where they clicked in each email message.  Yep, that’s right.  Over time you develop a strategy to incrementally improve your customer responsiveness.

A/B Split Testing

As part of our philosophy of bringing big industry tools to smoke shops and dispensaries, we carefully run A/B Split Testing on all our email marketing campaigns for your shop or dispensary so you can be sure that conversion on your campaigns is being carefully tracked and improved upon.

Marketing List Segmentation

Your list is going to be growing!  Some people will be interested in some things and others will like different services.  We can help you create intelligent segments within your marketing list so you can be sure your email marketing letters are relevant to individual users by allowing you to send to only certain segments like “Concentrate Fans” or maybe just your Twitter followers!  We’ve got solutions.

Graphics Support

Oh yea… and did we forget to mention we build it all for you.  You don’t need to do a darn thing but let us know what you’d like to feature in your weekly or bi-weekly updates for all your shops’ superfans!

What is Opt-In Email Marketing?

Opt-In email marketing means that the person receiving the email actually subscribed to your updates! All modern and highly valuable email marketing databases are build by the businesses that own them. When a customer clicks a link to or inputs their email address to subscribe to your email list they’re sent a confirmation email that they’d like to be added. They need to click the link in their confirmation email to actually get subscribed.

This ensures the person subscribing to your message is actually interested in receiving your updates! The best time to start building the database of customers interested in your product or service is now. A good database of your customers is an invaluable resource all successful companies use to say in contact with the people most interested in their services.

Why Does Email Marketing Offer Such Great Benefits Over Traditional Forms of Marketing?
Email Marketing is cost effective and saves businesses time. Email marketing delivers your message directly to your customers in box, a form on direct communication. Much cheeper than print advertising to telephone sales and telemarketing. You don’t have to worry about being spammy because all email marketing lists are OPT IN these days! That means the person receiving your message is interested in getting more info about your products and services already. The average email news update can be professionally created in about two hours. Taking our the necessary time and cost overheads of hiring a designer, printing and distributing materials.
Why Does Email Marketing Drive Better Returns On Investment Traditional Marketing Methods?
Industry marketing professionals everywhere will tell you that no other form of advertising can drive more traffic and produce greater returns than a professionally managed email marketing database and campaign. Part of the success of these campaigns is that modern and professionally managed email marketing campaigns are fully integrated with the latest tracking and analytics integration so you can know in real time what message is helping drive user engagement. Professionally managed customer databases can be segmented to ensure your message is reaching the right portion of your audience, even if you offer a broad range of product and services. This helps target your customers specific needs and increase ROI (Return On Investment) for your marketing dollar.
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