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Delton Childs smoke shop enthusiast and product reviewer. D loves talking with friends about new products and innovations in the smoke shop industry as well as hanging out with his schnauzer Einstein at the park. Be sure to give him a shout on your favorite social network.

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“How Was This E-Juice Manufactured?” might be a question smoke shops face more often in the future.   I was looking over the latest issue of Smoke & Vape Business Solutions, just a quick browse before digging into any content, browsing the ads.  I couldn’t help but notice how many vapor e-liquid producers showing off their clean rooms.

Personally, I really like this angle both as someone interested in making larger purchases from a company as well as a regular old consumer.  In the context of this specific magazine they’re using this as a tool to show off to other businesses but it’s a cool feature to highlight to customers as well.  As I’m writing this I’m digging through our selves of juice at Supernova Smoke Shop in San Antonio and seeing which brands we’re currently carrying are produced in a clean room.  This is a big selling point to me as vaper.  I maybe a little OCD but I think a lot of vapers are about their devices and juices they use.  I like the idea of some kind of quality control in my e-liquid in the absence of any U.S. FDA regulated process.  Vape regulation is an argument all in itself and the results could send the price of e-liquids and devices through the roof if a harsh approval process is imposed but I’m really enjoying how this industry has become a more self regulated group.

OK… so to be completely honest I only saw one “clean room” photo in the magazine.  But the experience of seeing that little lab in the advertisement reminded me that I had recently visited the Cuttwood Vapors website.  On the Cuttwood “About Us” page there are similar photographs in a very friendly yet scientific setting.  And then at the Cosmic Fog Vapors website they had a whole video!

As someone who runs a smoke shop daily and is charged with moving products, that’s the goal really, my job is to empty and re-stock those shelves, I find this clean room angle a big selling point, espeically when facing customers who might rather save a few bucks and buy a cheepo e-liquid and leave with the feeling my prices are high.  Telling yoru customer their liquid was produced in a clean room gives them something to talk about and look for in the future.   People have a lot of questions about eliquids, like I said, vapers can be a little OCD.  They like their batteries, tanks & gear to be nice.  They blow enough money on it so it should look and be nice, so let them know those liquids were produced and measured in nice conditions.

If the companies that produce this eliquid are going to the trouble of this clean room process it’s definitely a selling point and just working in the smoke shop industry I’ve already heard stories of poor e-liquid mixing conditions where measurments are “eyeballed” and the person mixing the juice has a cigarette hanging out of their mouth, ironic but I heard that story.   That just might be the coin that tips the scale in favor of that premium ejuice purchase, it’s all about building value in the mind of the customer.


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