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Contact us to claim your %50 off the first month start up cost of our “Accelerated Growth” website package and get your website fast tracked for only $100.  This is the marketing level we integrate email marketing and offer ample time to get your website polished and looking great with tracking, analytics and all.

We’re going to wait to get all the data in before we decide on which product lines we’re going tackle.  Incase you’re wondering, right now we’re leaning towards a high quality studio glass photography series. We’re interested in how receptive to the videos of featured items though. If we do go the video route we’ve already talked with a production service about getting that up and running quickly!

We just feel like smoke shops are in some serious need of good photos right now! Am I wrong! 😉

Thank you for your time!

-Delton Childs

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Incase You Missed It

You might want to catch up and check out our “4 Types of Smoke Shop Customers” audio podcast. Our next podcast will be released on Monday 9/15. It’s going to be all about gettin reviews. What could we possibly know about that… well.. we have some pretty technical nuggets on how they get filtered in search!  This ain’t no feel good self help seminar, we got real knowledge!  😉

4 Types of Smoke Shop Customer

by Delton M. Childs | Head Shop Hero Podcast

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