Head Shop Hero Media License Terms and Conditions

Commercial License Agreement


License Grant:

Subject to the terms of this agreement, Head Shop Hero (“Licensor”), grant to purchasing entity (“Licensee”) the non-exclusive right and license to use, reproduce, publish, display and distribute, for use in connection with advertising and informational materials for Licensee’s retail store the photographs (whether in print or electronic format) provided to Licensee by Licensor.  Licensee agrees to comply with the model releases signed on behalf of the persons that are the subject of the photographs (if necessary). The photographs may be used in connection with advertising and informational materials for Licensee’s own retail services, which advertising and informational materials are distributed to customers. Additional license fees may be required by Licensor for any use that extends beyond the foregoing intended use for example, featuring a licensed photo in an advertisement circulated in third party media, such as magazines, journals or newspapers, would be outside the scope of this license. All other rights are reserved by Head Shop Hero.


The rights granted in this agreement shall be valid and in effect for: 1 full calendar year from the date hereof.

Ownership of Copyright

Copyright of the photographs remains with Head Shop Hero. You agree to provide proper attribution of the photographs by using either a pre-approved watermark or a discrete notation such as: “© 2014 headshophero.” This attribution may appear in fine print where other copyright, attribution and credit information is typically located. It is understood that copyright information may not necessarily appear on the photographs themselves when used in the advertising and informational materials.



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