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We Build Commercial Websites & Integrate Automated Marketing Systems for Small Businesses, But Don't Let Our Enthusiasm Let You Think It Doesn't Come Hard Earned. It Doesn't Happen All At Once, We Start With A Strong Foundation And Move Forward To Many Great Things.

A Solid Foundation

We help you develop  a professional web presence with a well coded commercial website, integrate tracking to start gathering data on your visitors.  We also offer graphics support for your business on a monthly basis so you can make the marketing materials you need to look good online and on social networks.

Full Commercial Support

Along with continued support, our in depth SEO analysis will start to help us understand your market more thoroughly, we’ll begin running large scale campaigns, gathering data on what works and what doesn’t to help make informed decisions as we move forward.  By now you realize you have the professional support you’ve always wanted.

Get Professional Support For Your Shop

Website Development & Marketing Consulting for Smoke Shops.  Get The Ball Rolling.

Commercial Web Development

We create practical commercial websites for businesses. We only use the most supported industry standard integrations.  No tricks, no hacks, just rock solid standards compliant code.

We use thoroughly tested website layouts created by the best design & user experience professionals to be functional, flexible and beautiful.  We build websites that are scalable.  We start with a strong foundations and work towards creating an elegant and automated marketing too.

Over time we develop your website into a beautiful machine.

Search Engine Optimization

We’ve seen companies spend all their time optimizing for keywords few search.  Alternatively, optimizing for only highly competitive keyword phrases, that’s not good either.

The problem only gets worse, most businesses are doing what SEO professionals call “Keyword Stuffing”.  Untrained self-proclaimed search gurus will often “stuff” their client’s sites with keywords not realizing they’re doing more harm than good, making your site look like its a spam site.

We understand the delicate balance.   

Customer Database & Marketing Support

What’s that, you don’t have a database?  Eeek.  One of the largest problems businesses run into is keeping the customers informed about new products.  We help businesses implement “opt-in” marketing programs to start building a good database of engaged customers.  Recipients can opt-out at any time and never receive another message.   We run campaigns that drive thousands of websites visitors, increase sales not to mention brand awareness.

We offer bold data driven solutions

Audience Segmentation

Segment your Superfans from everyday customers, target customers based on specific website page visits and more sweet things like that.  I’m sure you can imagine it’s hard to go into all the possibilities.

Imagine connecting the information in your customer database with social media sites like twitter to match that up with active twitter users, gauge audience influence, allowing you to target specific audiences on a more granular level… It doesn’t happen all at once, we’ll get there.

Know Your Audience & How Engaged They Are

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