Head Shop Hero Smoke Shop Essentials Pack Vol. 1

Smoke Shop Essentials Pack Volume 1

Essential Images Every Smoke Shop Needs To Look Great Online
Over 200 High Quality Images From Our Smoke Shop Stock Vault

Over 200 High Quality Stock Images

We Reached Into The Vault And Pulled Out Some High Quality General Smoke Shop Stock Images.  All Expertly Color Corrected.  Any Price Tags Obscured or Removed!


This Premium Gallery Includes These Products:

  • Elements Papers
  • Juicy Papers
  • A Variety of Grinders
  • Medicalli Water Pipes
  • Oil Rigs
  • Texas Tubes Water Pipes
  • Cigars
  • Vector
  • Snoop Dog G-Pen
  • Much More!

Web Friendly


add $19.99 for image watermarking with your shop logo on all images

All 200+ large images (long  edge 1000px & high quality web resolution at 72 ppi).  Immediate Download.

Snoop Dog G-Pen Stock Photos From Head Shop Hero

Save Hours Of Time

Great for Social Media

For Pro Websites

Print Spectacular

Ultra High Quality

Zong Stock Photos by Head Shop Hero

Print Resolution


Free image watermarking with your shop logo is available for this pack.

All 200+ large images, original dimensions, generally 3000+ px long edge, 300 ppi for high quality print.  Please note, print quality pack is ~1GB in file size and may take some time to download. Head Shop Hero staff will share this essentials pack with you personally, free image watermarking with your shop logo is available for this pack.


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