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Delton Childs

Smoke Shop Blogger at Head Shop Hero
Delton Childs smoke shop enthusiast and product reviewer. D loves talking with friends about new products and innovations in the smoke shop industry as well as hanging out with his schnauzer Einstein at the park. Be sure to give him a shout on your favorite social network.

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Over the past few years, the shift from traditional websites to app-ified experiences has become more and more apparent. Apps have become the platform of choice because of their personalized, intuitively designed surfaces, and native applications have particularly enjoyed increased popularity. The usage of smartphones is characterized by time and place independence, and therefore omnipresence!

Worldwide Mobile App Revenues from 2011-2017

Today, mobility is the core value of success for each company, freelancer, association, educational institution, etc., which is why it is so imperative to go where your customers are!

Companies should view digitalization as an opportunity to organize themselves into flexible, customer-oriented networks, no matter what kind of product or service you offer.

For consumers, physical and online shops go hand in hand. At this point in time, it does not occur to most people that a business may not be accessible via mobile, and companies need to adapt to this new way of consumer thinking. While you may not be able to sell all your products online due to federal shipping restrictions you can put that inventory in the palm of your customers hand so they’re free to browse and engage with your business at their leisure.

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